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Saharan Oasis Puzzle- 500 Pieces

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500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

18" x 24" finished.

Includes 2 reference art inserts

ESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink

Recommended age:  13+ years

Made in United States of America 

Art by Natalia Ostapenko "Natalia has developed a highly refined, graphic, abstract style, which creates kaleidoscopic, geometric compositions with carefully honed, evocative color palettes. Her non-representational works hold strong associations with our visual experience of the world, for example, emulating the experience of changing light at dawn or the happy patchwork of intense summer colors in natural landscapes. Her work also references decorative applied and folk arts such as patchwork, marquetry and set painting. Ideas of collage are important in her work with some being reminiscent of cut-paper modernist works and others having a layered appearance."


Made in United States of America