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Who's the face behind Wild Rose Shop?

Meagan Rose (see what we did there) is the owner, designer and powerhouse behind Wild Rose Shop! She's the one answering your emails, packaging your orders, shooting our content and designing our new products! We have a small team that help with inventory upkeep, including Meag's sister, partner & occasionally some friends during our busy season! 

Meagan is currently residing in NY,, working out of her basement studio! Meag's work is inspired by little moments of gifting that crack a smile. She really enjoys bright beautiful colors and patterns. Taking inspo from her travels, current fashion & endless opportunity to bring color into small moments of everyday life. 

Do you have a physical location?

Unfortunately not yet. That’s part of our bigger picture goal for 2022-2023! We do however offer local pickup/delivery from our home studio, llocated in Saint James NY.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

We aim to get your products out as quickly as possible. We ship on Monday & Thursday every week. It usually takes us 1-7 days to fulfill & ship your order. Please be mindful we mostly run as a one woman shop!

What’s your return policy?

Right now we do not accept returns! Due to the nature of trying to eliminate waste & create more mindful shopping, we encourage you to ask us any questions before shopping! We will do our best to help you make a purchase you feel confident about. 

However, don’t be afraid to reach out if there is something wrong with your order and we will gladly work together to make it right!

Where do you make your products?

Our products range from being made in house, with help of some local production partners & local makers. Our metal items are the only items we manufacture outside the US. We have some pretty amazing partnerships to keep most of our products handmade & slow batch. Everything is designed in house by Meagan herself. Below is all the info you’ll need to know about our in house lines!

Apparel- Screen printed in small batches locally in NY.

Beeswax Wraps- Small batch & handmade by another woman maker in Canada!

Beanies- Hand dyed in small batches by another woman maker in California. All beanies produced in the US with 100% cotton. 

Candles - Small batch & hand poured by another woman maker in Beacon NY. All our candles are non-toxic, 100% soy and vegan!

Hats- Hand cranked embroidery by another woman maker. 

Keychains- Our only item produced outside the states! 

Patches- Produced with a production partner based in CA. 

Stickers & Stationery- Printed in the US in small batches.

Do you wholesale your products? I would love to carry them!

YES! We are in over 150 boutiques nationwide and would love to add your shop to the list. Check out our wholesale info here: Wholesale Info

Do you make custom products, designs or can you help me with special projects?

Hell yes! Before opening up Wild Rose Shop, Meagan focused on her illustration & design career. Now we have Wild Rose Studio, to help make your custom products, designs, branding and all events/projects needs! See our work here: Studio Services