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About Wild Rose Shop

meagan rose is an illustrator and designer from new york, currently residing in the bay area of cali! wild rose shop & studio was started in meagan’s college dorm room; selling her illustrations as stickers, pins + patches to her friends. meagan grew wild rose as a side hustle until she was able to take it full time.

the studio encompasses meag’s many hats she wears on the daily basis: from lettering, illustration and web design to product production & murals! all of the creative ventures sit under this umbrella! we are so grateful for all the businesses and individuals that want to work with us!

the shop is meagan’s vessel to get her cheery, whimsical designs into the hands of strangers that have a love for color. meagan is inspired by her travels, as well as small, everyday objects that make you crack a smile.

primarily run as a one woman shop & studio, with occasional help from meagan’s sister, shannon! everything has meagan's personal touch from design, packaging + fulfillment! we are so lucky to partner with some amazing small businesses to keep majority of our product production in house or with local makers.