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Gua Sha

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A facial massage tool that depuffs, contours, and stimulates healthy drainage and circulation. Great for body, too!

  • Make sure to always apply face oil or moisturizer before use.
  • Alwaus use outward + upword strokes when massaging. 
  • Handle carefully. Clean regularly with damp cloth.

Some important information:
Opalite is carved from poured glass poured in China, while all other stones are hand carved and polished from natural jade and crystals found or mined in Brazil and South Africa. If mined, all stones are required to be mined in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner, using more manual, low-impact practices that cause as little damage to nature as possible during the process. The legal rights, compensation, and safety of every employee from the mining process onward are guaranteed.

Cultural Context
The Gua Sha finds its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, with medical records dating back to the Paleolithic Age siting its use in massage therapy. Originally, when people fell sick or became unconscious, stones were used to rub parts of their body to alleviate symptoms, activating blood circulation and preventing blood stasis. The facial benefits of the Gua Sha were found much, much later. When the same action is applied to the face (upward + outward strokes), the face appears rejuvenated. The repeated stone strokes bring an influx of blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage that eliminates puffiness and inflammation, giving the face a fresh, healthy, naturally contoured look.